Scooteroo: Batch #3

In my spare time (ha!) I’ve started trying my hand at wine and beer making. This was partially driven from a deep love of these two enjoyable beverages, and partially due to a rather strong sense of frugality. In both respects this practice has been quite successful! Not only are the results of my beginner level creations very tasty, they are very affordable as well. What’s not to love?

Well, the process isn’t particularly thrilling, to be honest. Right now we’re using kits, since we’re just learning. And most of what is required is simply cleaning. You basically clean the tools and the buckets, and then mix the kit together. And then you wait. Pretty easy. 

The fun part is not only in the consuming of the final product, but, for us, the presentation. That’s where we actually have some expertise! So for this batch we decided to be a bit fancy and created unique labels for every bottle. Each bottle has an original Holga photo from our travels (mostly Peru, PEI and Banff). Now the process of giving them away will be just as fun as keeping them. That’s what we always find with our work; we love giving it away. Weird. 

Anyway, here’s a little peek at some of the bottles! About half were colour photos, and half black and white.

We still have so much to learn and improve on (like putting the labels on straight!) but all the more reason to keep at it!

The wine is a Barbera, and our initial samplings have been very positive. It still has to hang out in the bottles for a while, but I have a feeling this is going to be a good one. 

With each batch we always save one bottle as a souvenir of sorts. This time we specifically chose this image of our cat, Scooter, to go on the keeper bottle. 

We highly recommend getting into wine and beer making. It’s doesn’t really take too much time, and though the initial investment in all the equipment is a bit high, over time you really save oodles. Plus, sharing a bottle of wine that you made with people you love is really something special.

In Edmonton we head to Creative Connoisseur for our kits and supplies. The owner, Al, is a seriously awesome man, and extremely helpful. They are also wicked generous, and let you borrow their filters and corkers whenever you need. Very great people. They have an impressive selection of both wine and beer kits. We made a batch of the Barons Brown Ale, which honestly shocked us with how tasty it was! 

Anyone else out there into making their own beer and wine? Any tips or suggestions for us? 




Very cool idea making the labels like that. If I had the room I would be creating some juice of my own, sadly I do not. Good luck!

Chris Your

Great job guys! I love the name. Hilarious! We'll have to try some sometime. :)


These look great -- can't wait to try some! I've been thinking about trying to make a batch of either wine or beer. I would *love* to try making whisky, but I think that's quite a bit more difficult...


Looks great guys!! We are currently doing the same thing! we just bottled our first batch of white and are patiently awaiting our "holiday inspired" apple-cran wine. Our dark beer is in bottles doing its thang and we are also patiently awaiting the first sip of that! Congrats on the success!

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