Lunar Eclipse + Winter Solstice

For the first time since 1632 a lunar eclipse happened on the Winter Solstice. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook we heard about it, bundled up like mad, and stood outside in the very very chilly weather to take some shots. Totally worth the frozen toes.

For more info check out this article

Canon 5D mk II. ISO 800. 400mm. f/13. 1/80

Canon 5D mk II. ISO 4000. f/8.0. 1/13.

I used a 70-200 with 2x teleconverter for both shots. To help with focusing I used live view. It would be awesome to use some longer lenses or hook up to a telescope!

Once the eclipse happened I took the second shot. I raised the ISO quite a bit in order to capture the less bright, but much redder shadows. There was a fair bit more noise but it still looks cool.



GORGEOUS shots, Rob! We popped out briefly, but my husband got too cold! Thanks for documenting it! LOVE that last shot!


Too cloudy here in Illinois but I like what you have!


Wow! These shots are incredible! It was an overcast night so we wouldn't have seen anything in the Vancouver area. It's pretty insane on how beautiful the moon looks:)


Great shots, Rob. You are far more ambitious than I am -- we watched the eclipse through a window so we could stay warm.


Great photos man -- that second one would make a killer desktop on the iMac!

Chris Murray

Nice shots Rob. We were sacked in with fog in Metro Vancouver and could not see it.


Was hoping to find some of these shots on here, good stuff as usual. And thanks for the card, it still makes me laugh :)

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